Linux News Today: Mythbuntu 16.04 LTS Linux Operating System Officially Released with MythTV 0.28 – Updated

We almost forgot to tell you about the release of the Mythbuntu 16.04 LTS operating system, the officially recognized Ubuntu flavor build around the MythTV media center software.

When we reported earlier on the release of Xubuntu 16.04 LTS and Lubuntu 16.04 LTS, we said that they’re the last two Ubuntu flavors we’re going to write about as part of the massive Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) launch on April 21, 2016, but we forgot about Mythbuntu, which only participates in LTS (Long Term Support) releases.

But don’t expect too much from Mythbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus), because the distribution’s maintainers have noted the fact that it only contains an updated version of the MythTV software, which means that users of this OS don’t even need to upgrade to get the features implemented in the Xenial branch.

“Mythbuntu 16.04 has been released. This is our third LTS release and will be supported until shortly after the 18.04 release,” reads the announcement. “The Mythbuntu team would like to thank our ISO testers for helping find critical bugs before release. You guys rock!”

Built around MythTV 0.28

So, if you’re wondering what’s new in Mythbuntu 16.04 LTS, we can tell you now that besides the core components borrowed from its bigger brother, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, such as Linux kernel 4.4 LTS, Glibc 2.23, etc., it brings the latest version of the open-source MythTV media center software, version 0.28. Therefore, Mythbuntu 16.04 LTS is only compatible with MythTV 0.28 systems.

However, the MythTV 0.28 component can also be installed in previous, still supported Mythbuntu releases, such as 14.04 LTS, through the official software repositories of the GNU/Linux distribution. Other than that, Mythbuntu 16.04 LTS will receive three years of support with critical security patches and software updates. You can download Mythbuntu 16.04 LTS right now via our website.

Update: On April 23, the Mythbuntu developers have changed their initial statement about Mythbuntu 16.04 LTS being a point release to Mythbuntu 14.04 LTS, saying “CORRECTION 2016.04.23 – It was previously stated that 16.04 is a point release to 14.04. This was due to a silly copy&paste issue from our previous release statement for 14.04. The Mythbuntu 16.04 release is a flavor of Ubuntu 16.04. We’re sorry for any confusion this has caused.”

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