Linux News Today: NethServer 6.8 Officially Released, Based on the CentOS 6.8 Operating System

Softpedia has been informed today, June 16, 2016, by Alessio Fattorini, that the final release of the NethServer 6.8 server-oriented, open-source, and free GNU/Linux operating system is now available for download.

Based on the recently released CentOS 6.8 distribution, which, in turn, uses the freely distributed sources of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 operating system, NethServer 6.8 arrives as the latest and most advanced long-term support release of the project, shipping with numerous goodies for NetServer fans.

NethServer 6.8 had a quick development cycle, with only one Beta build released at the end of May for public beta testers. It comes eight months after the release of NethServer 6.7, which, of course, was based on CentOS 6.7 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7, and it appears to be a worthy upgrade, as usual.

Release highlights include the collectd 5 system statistics collection daemon, move of the SELinux policy from permissive to disabled, the addition of a new interface module for managing policy routing rules in the built-in firewall, as well as a much simpler Multi WAN configuration panel.

Other exciting new features include better spam filtering, thanks to the implementation of support for DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL), IPsec site-to-site support, a new Bonding mode on the Network page, and the ability to free up more disk space by dumping YUM transactions.

NethServer 7 development continues

Other than the above, it looks like NethServer 6.8 lets system administrator use either CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) or IP ranges as the source and destination for the proxy bypass settings. There’s also support for multiple interfaces on ntopng and a new “Public IP” field for OpenVPN.

“As always, there have been several changes with a focus on performance. This includes an optimized ntopng since it heavily used redis to save temporary data about host network traffic. In a scenario where there are many hosts involved, ntopng will highly increase redis memory usage,” said Alessio Fattorini.

NethServer 6.8 is available for download right now via out website. We recommend upgrading from NethServer 6.7 as soon as possible. In the meantime, the development of NethServer 7, the next major release of the OS, continues with great new features, and a Beta version should arrive soon.

Firewall: web interface for policy routing

Firewall: web interface for policy routing

Via Softpedia

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