Linux News Today: NethServer 7 Gets Shared Folder Refactoring, Let’s Encrypt Support, and New Look

Softpedia has been informed today, June 7, 2016, by NethServer developer Alessio Fattorini about some of the features coming to the NethServer 7 server-oriented open-source operating system.

It’s been more than one month since the third and last Alpha build of the NethServer 7 distribution has hit the streets, and users were asking for a new development build. As such, Alessio Fattorini and his team of skillful developers have been working hard all this time to bring you a Beta version of NethServer 7, which will be based on the CentOS 7 series of server-oriented distros.

“Many people have asked me about NethServer 7 developments, obviously, they’re right and fresh news are needed! Let me say that these were crazy weeks, we have shipped NethServer 6.8 (Beta and Final) and it has been about 1 month since 7 Alpha 3 release which seems like an eternity ago,” said Alessio Fattorini, NethServer Community Manager.

NethServer 7 to offer a new look, different from the NethServer 6.8

And it looks like the first Beta release of NethServer 7 will bring numerous goodies. First off, the upcoming distro will sport a new look that promises to differentiate it from the NethServer 6.x series. The new beautiful “Light Polygons” theme has been implemented and enabled by default for the Beta 1 so that you can get an early taste (see the screenshot in the gallery below for details).

Continuing, NethServer 7 Beta 1 will come with a brand new Virtual Host panel for easy management of the web server configuration, the ability to configure a Green interface in DHCP mode, refactoring of the “Shared Folder” page with Virtual Hosts and Active Directory Domain Controller role in mind, as well as the merge of the MultiWan configuration into the Network page.

Last but not least, the Certificate Management panel has been updated with a new certificate page that lets you edit the default self-signed certificates, or upload a custom one from an SSL certificate provider such as Let’s Encrypt. And there’s now a “Reload page” button in the Software Center, allowing you to reload the page after installing or removing modules.

NethServer 7 Beta 1 is not yet available for download, it will arrive next week. However, it is now possible to update from the Alpha 3 or a previous development milestone using the instructions provided on the project’s website. Please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version, not to be used in production environments.

New Virtual Host panel

New Virtual Host panel

“Reload page” button in Software Center

“Reload page” button in Software Center

Via Softpedia

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