Linux News Today: Netrunner Rolling 2016.1 Brings KDE Plasma 5.5.4 and Linux Kernel 4.4.2

Netrunner Rolling is a Linux distribution based on Manjaro that features KDE as the default desktop environment, and a new version has been released and is now available for download.

Some of you might be wondering right now why there is a new version for a rolling release distro and the answer is quite simple. Just because an operating system follows the rolling release model, it doesn’t mean that new versions of the OS aren’t being made available. In fact, there are probably more with this model.

This is an interesting case since Netrunner Rolling is actually based on Manjaro, which in turn is based on Arch Linux. The funny thing is that Netrunner Rolling is closer to the Arch Linux release model. In any case, new releases need to be made so that new users don’t go through a massive updating process when they install from scratch.

What’s new in Netrunner Rolling 2016.1

Since this is based on KDE, we were expecting some KDE-related changes, and we weren’t disappointed.

“Despite the versioning, 2016.01 comes with the latest of KDE like Plasma 5.5.4 and KDE Applications 15.12.2. We’ve decided not to ship akonadi and the KDE PIM suite default with this release in favor of more lightweight alternatives. Due to the power and flexibility of Arch package management it is easy for people who enjoy using Kdepim to install it via one single package called ‘kde-meta-kdepim,’” developers wrote.

According to the changelog, Calamares (OS installer) is now at version 2.0, Spectacle is now the default screenshot app, the ‘Look and Feel’ of Netrunner has also been refurbished, Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 4.4.2, Firefox 44.0.2 is now default, and many other packages have been upgraded as well.

A complete list of changes and improvements can be found in the official announcement. You can download Netrunner Rolling 2016.01 right now from Softpedia. There is only a 64-bit version of this OS.

Netrunner Rolling in action

Netrunner Rolling in action

Via Softpedia

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