Linux News Today: NetworkManager 1.2.4 Adds Reverse DNS Entries for IPv6 to Dnsmasq, More Tweaks

The popular and widely-used NetworkManager open-source network connection management software for GNU/Linux operating systems has been updated today, August 3, 2016, to version 1.2.4.

NetworkManager 1.2.4 is the second maintenance update in the major 1.2 series of the application, and, according to the internal changelog that we’ve attached at the end of the article for your reading pleasure, it brings quite some nice additions and fixes for the most annoying issues reported by users since NetworkManager 1.2.2.

Among the changes, we can mention that the rc-manager configuration option received two new values, namely ‘unmanaged’ and ‘symlink’, reverse DNS entries for the IPv6 protocol have been added to Dnsmasq, IPv4 reverse entries now acknowledge the network prefix, and VPN support has been improved for the command-line tool nmcli.

Moreover, to avoid issues with multiple active network connections, an egress interface is now being specified for name servers that are being passed to Dnsmasq, users can manually configure the default rc-manager option during compilation, and it’s possible to apply MTU settings to devices that don’t have an IPv4 configuration.

It’s now possible to tweak the order of servers in resolv.conf

NetworkManager 1.2.4 also allows users to reapply DNS configurations and reload the software’s default config by using the new ‘Reload’ D-Bus method, as well as to tweak the order of servers in the resolv.conf file when there are multiple IPv6 and IPv4 network connection active via the new ‘dns-priority’ property.

Last but not least, NetworkManager 1.2.4 increases the timeout for requests of secrets to agents from 25 to 120 seconds, supports symlinks when accessing ‘rc-manager=file’ and the resolv.conf file, and automatically disconnects devices before the operating system is suspended.

“This allows external applications to be notified of the change in connectivity. Devices without L3 configuration are not more put in DOWN state on shutdown,” explained the NetworkManager developers in the release notes file found inside the source archive, which you can download right now via our website.

Via Softpedia

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