Linux News Today: New Doom Game Runs Great in Linux with Wine, Users Report

A new Doom game is being released by Bethesda and id Software, and it seems to be working great with Wine in Linux.

When new titles are launched on the Windows platform, it usually takes a while for Wine to catch up. Most of the time, there are missing libraries or some other form error, which means that, at best, the game can be installed and not played.

The Wine developers and community are usually quick to fix any issues, especially with big games, but it’s very likely that it won’t be necessary. A Linux user managed to get the latest Doom Alpha running in Wine with little to no effort.

Doom now has a closed alpha version in the wild, and a Reddit user managed to get it to run on Linux and made it seem easy as pie. In fact, he didn’t have to do anything special, and he got it working with an excellent framerate on an Nvidia GTX 970. From the looks of it, the only problem is the lack of Vsync, but that is to be expected.

Games that run through Wine usually have bigger hardware requirements on Linux, but this new engine has been properly optimized, so the impact is not all that serious. Of course, it’s not a guarantee that the final version of the game will run just as well, but it gives us hope.

The new Doom game will be released on May 13, 2016, on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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