Linux News Today: New Music App to Bring Spotify Streaming Support to Ubuntu Phones and Tablets

David Planella, the Ubuntu Community Team Manager, published recently a summary report of the work done by the Ubuntu community during the last two weeks.

In the report, Mr. Planella talks about some very interesting upcoming projects, as well as events that happened in the Ubuntu world, such as MWC 2016, where Canonical won multiple awards, including “Best of MWC” for the BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet.

On the Ubuntu Touch side of things, the Fairphone 2 port continues with support for booting into Unity 8 Snappy, Canonical made an appeal to developers to contribute to its Ubuntu convergence design, especially a redesign of the Calendar app, and it looks like the Music app will get a new UI design with support for Spotify streaming.

“Music app developers Andrew & Victor worked with Michał Karnicki and Michael Sheldon to deliver a prototype build of their app for MWC, demonstrating (Spotify) streaming as a new feature. In tandem they worked on a converged build of Music to demo on tablets at MWC,” said David Planella, Ubuntu Community Team Manager at Canonical.

Ubuntu Online Summit event takes place May 2-5, 2016

Moreover, the Ubuntu team is now preparing for the upcoming UOS (Ubuntu Online Summit) event in May, they managed to complete and submit the Google Summer of Code application, and they’re still hosting the Scope Showdown event for developers, which has a deadline of February 29, 2016.

Lastly, there was a lot of work involved in improving the developer website, the team managed to publish the code needed for automatic generation of Snapcraft references, the devs behind the Ubuntu Touch Clock app are currently working on a redesigned user interface. In the meantime, it appears that the Ubuntu team spent some time ‘Ubuntu Spotting‘, for your viewing pleasure, of course.

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