Linux News Today: New openSUSE Tumbleweed and Leap Live Images Give Users the Latest KDE Updates

After informing the openSUSE Tumbleweed user base on February 17 about the fact that the development of snapshots is going a bit slow, which turned out to be something temporary, Douglas DeMaio now talks about some cool new features.

But first, we would like to once again assure openSUSE users that they have nothing to worry about in regards to them getting the latest snapshots for the Tumbleweed rolling distribution, as we’ve talked with Richard Brown, openSUSE Chairman, who said that the situation has been resolved, and things work now six times faster than before.

Getting back to today’s news, it would appear that the openSUSE community has just released two new live ISO images that aim to offer users the latest and greatest KDE technologies. Of course, the live images have been based on both the openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling release branch, and the stable openSUSE Leap one.

“Gravitational waves might be the cause of two new live image, spin off projects released today by members of the openSUSE community,” said Douglas DeMaio. “This will allow developers, early testers and enthusiast adopters to experience the latest happenings in KDE software development, while at the same time being able to report bugs and improve the software before a stable release lands.”

Meet openSUSE’s Argon and Krypton

Therefore, we would like to introduce our readers today to the openSUSE Argon and Argon Krypton KDE live images, which users who always dreamed of having the latest KDE technologies on their computers can install as we speak. The two live systems promise to offer them KDE packages built from Git using stable and tested openSUSE technologies.

openSUSE’s Argon and Krypton live images are here to track the latest development cycle of the KDE technologies like Plasma, Frameworks, and Applications, which means that openSUSE users will always have access to cutting-edge KDE software as they are being released upstream. As live images, users have the choice to run the entire system directly from a LiveUSB media.

Of course, the Argon and Krypton images are also installable, so if you decided to keep one of them on your computer, you could do so by installing the live image like you do any other openSUSE operating system. Best of all, you’ll get the latest KDE packages directly from upstream as they have been designed to work by the KDE developers.

The Argon and Krypton live images are available for download right now.

openSUSE’s KDE Argon Live

openSUSE's KDE Argon Live

openSUSE’s KDE Krypton Live

openSUSE's KDE Krypton Live

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