Linux News Today: Nvidia Releases the 364.15 Beta Linux Graphics Driver to Fix a Wayland Issue

Today, April 6, 2016, Nvidia has released a new Beta video driver for GNU/Linux and UNIX operating systems, version 364.15, which fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of improvements.

According to the release notes, Nvidia 364.15 Beta Linux driver adds support for Nvidia Quadro M6000 24GB GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and fixes multiple issues with the EGL driver, which should improve the resizing of windows in the Wayland display server.

It also patches two bugs, one that could have caused a crash in the kernel when using VDPAU (Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix) and another one that might have caused various DRM PRIME configurations to fail when the DRM KMS feature was enabled.

Moreover, the included libglvnd library has been updated to the latest snapshot available, which contains a recent version of the libglvnd ABI, and the driver now limits the default concurrency level in the nvidia-settings control panel to 32, thus avoiding reaching the maximum tasks limit on computers with multiple CPUs.

If you want to test this new Beta driver from Nvidia, you can download it right now for GNU/Linux operating systems, as well as FreeBSD and Solaris from our website or via Nvidia’s, but please try to keep in mind that Beta drivers are dangerous and not recommended for production-ready systems.

Via Softpedia

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