Linux News Today: Opera 36 Beta Focuses on Stability

A new Opera Beta update has been released and it looks like the developers are putting the final touches on this branch.

Opera has returned to their regular updates after they have been diverted by the recent announcement of a possible buyout. Their latest Opera update is not a big one, which usually means that they are preparing to make it stable quite soon.

“Straight to the point: today’s beta update is focused on stability. You won’t notice any revolution here – it’s more like fixing minor nuisances, and all of them internal (even this crash we have fixed here was a rare occurrence in specific usage conditions). Also, Chromium has been updated to 49.0.2623.54,” developers explained.

According to the changelog, the scrolled position is no longer being reset after clicking/focusing the news page, the context menu in the History/Tabs section now has the proper content, holding Shift and trying to drag fixed tabs no longer crashes the application, the no-theme design for other WebUIs has been fixed, the height of the theme picker has been repaired, the Bookmark Manager now adjusts at resize, and Opera:settings now loads on Linux machines.

You can download the latest Opera for Linux from Softpedia, and the Windows and Mac OS X versions can be downloaded from the same page. Please keep in mind that it’s not a stable release, and it shouldn’t be used on production machines.

Via Softpedia

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