Linux News Today: ownCloud 9.0 Enterprise Edition Arrives with Extensive File Control Capabilities

ownCloud, Inc. has had the great pleasure of announcing the availability of the Enterprise Edition (EE) of its powerful ownCloud 9.0 self-hosting cloud server solution.

Engineered exclusively for small and medium-sized business, as well as major organizations and enterprises, ownCloud 9.0 Enterprise Edition is now available with extensive file control capabilities and all the cool new features that made the open-source version of the project famous amongst Linux users.

Prominent new features in ownCloud 9.0 Enterprise Edition are built-in Auto-Tagging and File Firewall apps, which have been based on some of the new features of ownCloud 9.0, such as file tags, file comments, as well as notifications and activities enhancements, offering system administrator the ability to set rules and classifications for shared documents based on user- or system-applied tags.

“To illustrate how this can work, imagine working in a publicly traded company which has to be very careful not to release financial information ahead of official disclosure,” reads the announcement. “While sharing this information internally it could end up in a folder which is shared through a public link. By assigning a special system tag, admins can configure the system to ensure the files are not available for download despite this mistake.”

Used by over 8 million people around the globe

ownCloud 9.0 is the best release of the opne-source self-hosting cloud server software so far, which is currently used by over 8 million users around the globe. The release brought a huge number of new features, such as code signing, as well as dozens of under-the-hood improvements and cosmetic changes. ownCloud 9.0 also got its first point release, version 9.0.1, last week, which introduced even more enhancements.

And now, enterprises can take advantage of ownCloud 9.0’s new features to differentiate between storage type and location, as well as location of users, groups, and clients. ownCloud 9.0 Enterprise Edition gives them extensive access control, which are perfect if they have strict company guidelines or work with all sorts of regulations and rules. Below, you can see the File Firewall and Auto-Tagging apps in action.

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