Linux News Today: ownCloud Mail 0.4 App Released with Support for ownCloud 9 and PHP 7

Steffen Lindner, one of the developers behind the ownCloud Mail app for the self-hosting ownCloud server software, today announced the release of version 0.4 for the cool and promising project.

ownCloud Mail 0.4 is here after one and a half months of work, and now that the ownCloud Server 9.0 software has been released, it was inevitable for the ownCloud Mail app not to supported. Additionally, the new version comes today with support for the next-generation, groundbreaking PHP 7 server-side programming language.

“Yesterday we released the version 0.4 of ownCloud Mail. It has already been uploaded to the ownCloud app store and can also be downloaded from GitHub,” said Steffen Lindner. “Whoever wants to join the Mail app team is welcome, and the best is: you don’t have to be a developer. We need people for translating, testing, etc.”

Among other interesting features implemented in ownCloud Mail 0.4, we can mention the addition of a console command for creating mail accounts, an address collector that can be used for collecting email addresses for sent mails, which will be used for the auto-completion feature, and, of course, code signing support.

Other than that, ownCloud Mail 0.4 fixes the position of the “Reply” button and drops support for the now deprecated ownCloud 7 server. You can download the ownCloud Mail 0.4 release right now from its GitHub page and install it on your ownCloud server the same way you install any other app.

Via Softpedia

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