Linux News Today: ownCloud Mail App Gets Ready for Next Month's Awesome ownCloud 9.0 Release

The ownCloud community today announced the release of the third milestone in the development of the ownCloud Mail application for the ownCloud self-hosting cloud server software.

ownCloud Mail is one of the most appreciated and used applications in the ownCloud app store, not to mention that it looks sleek and has almost all the functions one needs to drop those annoying email services that are “trendy” these days.

The latest release, ownCloud Mail 0.3, comes today, February 3, with 170 pull requests since version 0.2.1, bringing mostly fixes for those annoying bugs reported by users, as well as JavaScript refactoring.

But besides the uninteresting things, the cool stuff implemented in ownCloud Mail 0.3 is image blocking support, much faster unified inbox, direct display of inline images, and better overall performance of the front-end.

“We’re proud to announce the arrival of the next version of ownCloud Mail. It has already been uploaded to the ownCloud app store and can also be downloaded from GitHub,” said Steffen Lindner in today’s announcement.

Even cooler than the above is the fact that starting with version 0.3, ownCloud Mail is ready for the next-generation ownCloud 9.0 Server, due for release next month, but until then, the team will release ownCloud Mail 0.4 and 0.5 with more features.

ownCloud Mail

ownCloud Mail

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