Linux News Today: Pitivi 0.96 Video Editor Promises Fast and Accurate Editing for Any Video Format

The road to Pitivi 1.0 continues, and the development team was proud to announce the release of the 0.96 milestone, which is yet another step in the development cycle of the powerful, open-source video editor.

Therefore, Pitivi 0.96 arrives with the usual bug fixes and code cleanup maintenance stuff, but it also introduces a new feature, something that the Pitivi developers like to call “Proxy editing,” and that it promises fast and accurate editing with any video file format.

“To provide the best experience, we decided to give you the ability to seamlessly work with media formats suitable for video editing,” explained the devs. “Now you can edit and render a video project with any video files with great accuracy, thanks to proxy files.”

According to the Pitivi developers, it looks like many popular video editors make use of downscaled proxy files to offer improved reliability and better video editing performance on computers that can’t handle high-quality videos in real-time. Unfortunately, Pitivi is not there yet.

The proxy editing functionality added in Pitivi 0.96 is just the first step in that direction, but rest assured that it will be there, as the developers promise to bring full support for downscaled proxy files sometime after the release of Pitivi 1.0. After all, Pitivi 0.96 is only a development release.

Pitivi now generates filmstrip thumbs and audio waveforms

Along with the implementation of proxy editing, the Pitivi 0.96 release brings support for automatic generation of filmstrip thumbnails and audio waveforms during the processing of proxies, which currently are only high-quality proxies designed to be used as an alternative to the original.

The Pitivi developers also inform the community that Pitivi 0.96 currently supports the Matroska (MKV) QuickTime (MOV), Ogg, and WebM containers, H.264, RAW, VP8, and Theora video codecs, as well as the FLAC, MP3, Opus, Vorbis, and RAW audio codecs without the use of proxies. For any other format, you need to use proxy files.

To see how the proxy editing works, we recommend reading the release announcement in full. In the meantime, you can download Pitivi 0.96 right now via our website, but keep in mind that this is only the source archive that you’ll need to compile. If you’re not OK with that, you can install the latest Pitivi version using a Flatpak package.

Proxy editing in Pitivi 0.96

Proxy editing in Pitivi 0.96

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