Linux News Today: Plank, the Simplest Dock on the Planet, Now Supports Docklets and GTK+ 3.20

Plank is one of the simplest to use and easiest to install dock-like applications for GNU/Linux operating systems, and it reached the 0.11.0 milestone this past weekend.

Dubbed “Eddy,” Plank 0.11.0 introduces a bunch of new features and enhancements that make the dock app even better for those who like to manage and launch their applications from a dock instead of the old-school Applications Menu, such as the addition docklets support like Desktop, Trash, Clippy, and Clock.

Runtime support for the latest GTK+ 3.20 GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit is also a cool new feature for the Plank dock, as the GNU/Linux technology provides for richer themes and a modern look of the Preferences dialog and even the dock itself. GTK+ 3.20 has not yet been released, but the 3.19.x series is supported for now.

Continuing with the new features implemented in Plank 0.11.0, we can notice the use of non-linear transition in and out of the “zoom” state and the implementation of the “CascadeHide” theme option. Moreover, worth mentioning are support for hiding the “Keep in Dock” item while the LockItems functionality is enabled, and support for handling bad LauncherAPI clients.

GSettings are now used for dock settings

Another interesting feature implemented in Plank 0.11.0 is support for using GSettings for dock settings while the “dockitem” files and themes remain at their current location on the file system. Also, the public API (Application Programming Interface) has been strengthened, which broke support for old themes and “dockitem” files. The AppData has been updated to the 0.6 format.

Last but not least, Plank 0.11.0 fixes a few issues. Among these, we can mention that the window-scale-factor is no longer applied twice on the foreground-icon-size, and the drag functionality has been updated to no longer grab input and abort the drag operation if the “DragItem” is null. Descriptive tooltips are now displayed for external-dnd actions.

Plank 0.11.0 should be available in the main software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux operating system in the coming days. elementary OS is one of the popular distributions to use the Plank dock by default for its desktop environment. The sources are also available to download from the project’s Launchpad page.

Via Softpedia

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