Linux News Today: Plex Media Server Improves Support for the Samsung Smart TV DLNA Client

Plex, Inc. announced the release of a new maintenance build for its popular, cross-platform Plex Media Server software, version, adding a bunch of fixes and improvements to various areas.

According to the changelog, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, Plex Media Server updates the Plex/Web component to version 2.6.0, addresses a crash that occurred when attempting to enter the movie section with the Samsung Smart TV DLNA client, and fixes issues with .plexignore files.

Several metadata issues with top tracks for music libraries have been resolved as well in Plex Media Server, along with support for downloading artist cover art of higher quality from the service, and the addition of Rotten Tomatoes metadata for movies that had no trailers and non-English languages set.

Moreover, the Media Optimizer component received several improvements, such as better processing of episodes from TV shows that contains titles with trailing periods (affecting only Windows users), naming convention support for special episodes transcoded by the software, and better handling of optimized versions.

Transcoder and PlayStation 4 improvements

Continuing, it appears that the built-in transcoder component now correctly detects process crashes on Mac OS X and GNU/Linux operating systems, better transcodes audio files that have higher sampling rates, and the highest available quality for the audio encoder is now automatically selected when Direct Streaming is disabled.

Last but not least, tray icon support has been added for recent Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, Plex Pass privileges are now being correctly recognized during the first login, images are now correctly cached on PlayStation 4 while navigating them, and there’s better playback support for some unofficial Plex Channels.

Download Plex Media Server for Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Via Softpedia

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