Linux News Today: Q4OS 1.4.6 Is Based on Debian and the Perfect Windows Replacement

Q4OS, a Linux distribution based on Debian and powered by a desktop environment called Trinity DE, has been upgraded to version 1.4.6 and is now ready for download.

The Q4OS Linux distribution has evolved quite a lot over the past few months, and its developers have made a large number of changes to it. In fact, the project has been doing so well that there are now two branches for Q4OS, one based on Debian 8 and another on Debian 9. Since Debian 9.x is not stable just yet, the developers have not abandoned the Q4OS 1.4.x branch.

One of the Q4OS main features is its similarity to Windows, and it’s actually intended. The makers of the distro went to great lengths to make the OS look like Windows, and they are targeting Windows users who want to move to Linux and keep the same design and functionalities.

Q4OS 1.4.6 is ready for download

“This new release updates printing system structure, adds several different improvements, for example, a script to revert default desktop settings, and redefines keyboard shortcuts to be more efficient and intuitive. The most recent version of real Mozilla Firefox webbrowser compiled from sources and optimized specifically for Q4OS has been integrated into the default repositories,” write the devs.

It’s also worth noting that since Google is dropping the 32-bit support for Google Chrome, the Q4OS had to do the same. Google Chrome has been replaced with Chromium, for the 32-bit version of the distribution. A large number of other fixes and various changes have been implemented as well.

A Live CD was available for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t stable. That has changed now. As usual, you can download Q4OS from Softpedia and take it for a spin. Please keep in mind that there are separate ISOs for installation and Live media.

Via Softpedia

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