Linux News Today: Q4OS Linux Distro Adds a Trinity Repository, Now Ready for ARM Devices

Softpedia has been informed earlier today, February 7, by the developers of the Q4OS Linux distribution about the immediate availability for download of the seventh point release in the Q4OS 1.4 “Orion” series.

Q4OS 1.4.7 “Orion” is, in fact, a small yet important maintenance release, which gives users full access to all the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) packages by default, thanks to the implementation of a system-wide Trinity software repository.

This way, Q4OS users won’t have to add manually any third-party Trinity Desktop Environment software repositories anymore. Besides this important change, Q4OS 1.4.7 delivers the usual security patches and software updates.

“Access to all the Trinity software were given to users by default, there is no need to add external Trinity repositories anymore. Bunch of important packages updates and security patches has been delivered as usual,” reads today’s announcement.

Q4OS ARM edition now available

Just two days ago, on February 5, 2016, the Q4OS development team has been proud to announce the ARM edition of their GNU/Linux operating systems, which users can use to deploy the Trinity Desktop Environment-based distro on various devices powered by an ARM chip.

And it looks like they’ve used the stable Q4OS 1.4 “Orion” branch for development of the ARM edition, which provides users with an ARMhf port of the Debian 8 (Jessie)-based operating system. As such, you can now use Q4OS on Chromebooks, SBCs (Single-board computers), tablets, and various other embedded devices.

Those of you who want to install Q4OS Linux on their ARM devices need to read the installation instructions provided by the developers. Going back to the Q4OS 1.4.7 “Orion” release, existing users will get all the improvements mentioned above in the coming days via the default software repositories.

Download Q4OS 1.4.7 “Orion” right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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