Linux News Today: QEMU 2.6 Officially Released with Raspberry Pi 2 Emulation Support, New Features

Michael Roth has had the great pleasure of announcing the release of QEMU 2.6, the latest and most advanced version of the widely-used and highly customizable virtualization software for GNU/Linux operating systems.

QEMU 2.6 is a major release with numerous new features and improvements over the previous 2.5 branch, and according to the release notes attached below it ships with a brand-new raspi2 machine for providing Raspberry Pi 2 emulation support, headless support for OpenGL-capable displays via the Spice client, great improvements to virtio’s performance, as well as IPMI and PCIe multi-root support.

There’s also support for post-copy migration, Transport Layer Security (TLS) support for character devices, VFIO passthrough support for AMD XGBE 10Gb NIC, authentication and TLS support for several remote disk protocols, including iSCSI, RBD, and NBD, image support for LUKSv1, support for SIMD and FPU instructions in Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) guests for the MIPS virtual machine, and a new default tracing backend, along with wildcard and command-line support.

PowerPC, ARM, x86, and s390 improvements

The list of new features added in QEMU 2.6 continues with ASPEED AST2400 ARM SoC implementation via a new palmetto-bmc machine type, QEMU-signalled powerdown support for the ARM virtual machine, along with an increase of the RAM limit from 30GB to 255GB, PCI/virtio-scsi improvements and CPU hotplug support for the s390 virtual machine, GDB stub support for the VSX instruction set and support for FPU context management, instructions, opd traps, and illegal opcode for PowerPC.

Lastly, XHCI USB is now exposed by default for the pseries on the PowerPC (PPC) virtual machine, which also shups with migration improvements and serial port support for mac99 and g3beige machines, separate controls for burst IOPS are now being supported in block device throttling, and the x86 virtual machine received support for older Microsoft Window XP/2003 guests and resume from suspend support on the Q35 machine type, along with TCG and KVM emulation support for the new PKU memory protection technology implemented in the latest Intel CPUs.

Downoad QEMU 2.6 right now via our website.

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