Linux News Today: Qt Creator 4.0 Open Sources the Clang Static Analyzer and Auto Test Integration

The Qt Company, through Eike Ziller, announced the final release of Qt Creator 4.0, the open-source and cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) designed for the needs of Qt developers.

As expected, Qt Creator 4.0 is a major release that includes a significant amount of new features, but first and foremost, the new version is here to open source the Clang static analyzer integration, auto test integration, as well as the extended QML profiler features, following on the steps of the path and connection editor components of the Qt Quick Designer, which have been open sourced as part of Qt Creator 3.6.0.

“The previously commercial-only connection editor and path editor of Qt Quick Designer were already open sourced with Qt Creator 3.6.0. Qt Creator is now available under commercial license and GPLv3 (with exceptions),” said Eike Ziller, senior software engineer, Qt Company. “The exceptions ensure that there are no license restrictions on generated code, and that bridging to 3rd party code is still possible.”

New flat theme, QML Flame Graph, many improvements

Also new in Qt Creator 4.0 are improvements to the workflow for CMake-based projects, along with automatic triggering of CMake and automatic configuration of its kit settings. Users of CMake will find a UI for changing a build directory’s CMake configuration, and it looks like Qt Creator will no longer generate CMake build directories before building the project.

Automatic usage of the Clang code model will now be enabled by default when the plugin is being activated by the user, and customizable configurations were added for warnings. Qt Creator 4.0 also brings LLDB improvements for the new Xcode 7.3 IDE on Mac OS X operating systems, prettier printers for standard types, and it looks like the Analyze mode was merged with the Debug mode.

Lastly, the QML Profiler, Debugger, Memcheck, Clang Static Analyzer, and Callgrind tools can now be found in the new, unified Debug mode, Flame Graph statistics view mode was introduced for the QML Profiler, the canvas can now be moved in the Qt Quick Designer, the new Qt Quick Controls 2 are now supported, and there’s a brand-new flat theme available.

Download Qt Creator 4.0.0 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

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