Linux News Today: RaspAnd Project Brings Android 5.1 to Raspberry Pi 3, Now with Google Play Store

Softpedia has just been informed by Arne Exton, a GNU/Linux developer responsible for several Android-x86-based and Linux kernel-based operating systems, about the availability of a new build of his RaspAnd project.

RaspAnd Build 160315 is here to update some of the components, bringing support for the recently announced Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single-board computer, in addition to the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B board. Additionally, Mr. Exton reports the fact that he managed to include Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

Among some of the Android applications pre-installed in the new RaspAnd release, we can mention WPS Office suite, Terminal Emulator, AIDA64, Geekbench, WinZip, FileManager, Rotation Control Lite, Offline Maps, as well as Aptoide App Manager as a replacement to Google Play Store.

“I’ve made a new version of RaspAnd. Just so the system can run on the new Raspberry Pi 3. It is basically the same system as before. Only the boot parameters are changed,” said Arne Exton in an email to Softpedia. “I have finally managed to include Google Play Store in RaspAnd and most important Google Play Services.”

RaspAnd costs $9

The new RaspAnd build replaces the previous 150527 build, and it’s free for all customers who have already purchased a RaspAnd system from Mr. Exton. However, new users will have to purchase the system, which is distributed as a tar archive, for the sum of $9 (€8).

Mr. Exton informs users that they should be aware of the fact that while running the RaspAnd Android operating system on their Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 2 computers, they won’t be able to find many apps on Google Play Store, but you can use the Aptoide App Manager utility for that. See gallery below for more details!

RaspAnd’s desktop

RaspAnd’s desktop

Google Play Store running

Google Play Store running

Via Softpedia

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