Linux News Today: Rebellin Linux 3 Released with GNOME 3.20 and MATE Flavors, Based on Debian Sid

It has been a while since we last heard something from the Rebellin Linux developers, and today, May 9, 2016, they have had the great pleasure of announcing the release of the final Rebellin Linux 3 build.

Rebellin Linux 3 is here after being in development for more than a year, bringing users some of the latest GNU/Linux technologies on top of a stable and reliable Debian Sid core. The operating system ships today worldwide for free in two main editions, with the GNOME and MATE desktop environments.

“Building a stable system on Debian Sid that’s reliable for day to day usage is hard. It took me quite a while this time. But I’m immensely happy with the result,” said said Utkarsh Sevekar. “With the latest and greatest software from Debian. It’s fast, reliable and got all you need for a great multimedia experience.”

What’s new in Rebellin Linux 3

Release highlights of Rebellin Linux 3 include the GNOME 3.20 desktop environment for the GNOME Edition, MATE 1.12 desktop environment for the MATE Edition, the latest and most advanced Linux 4.5 kernel for both editions, support for SMXI scripts, Infinality font rendering patches, as well as the addition of the Droid fonts.

Furthermore, the MATE Edition of Rebellin Linux 3 ships with an improved desktop theme, as well as Bluetooth support. Many of the core components and applications have been updated to their latest versions at the moment of the release, and the Rebellin Manual is now officially available free of cost.

Among other changes, we can mention that Terminator replaces GNOME Terminal, VLC Media Player replaces GNOME Videos (Totem), and LightDM replaces GDM as default login manager. Download Rebellin Linux 3 right now via our website, and don’t hesitate to check out the official announcement for the known issues.

Rebellin Linux 3 GNOME Edition

Rebellin Linux 3 GNOME Edition

Rebellin Linux 3 MATE Edition

Rebellin Linux 3 MATE Edition

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