Linux News Today: Remix OS Is a New Android-Based OS for the PC Desktop

Remix OS is a new operating system based on the famous Android-x86 that aims to bring the Android system to the PC platform.

Remix OS showed up in June 2015 powering the Remix Mini, a small PC that aims to ship with an Android-based operating system. It started as a Kickstarter project, and it was a successful one. You can now even buy the Remix Min from various online shops, including Amazon. Since it’s powered by an open source operating system, the developers are also planning to release the distro for free.

This is not the first operating system based on Android that targets the desktop and not a portable device. In fact, Remix OS is based on an older Android-X86 that does the same thing. The only difference is the Remix OS ships with an actual device and it’s in the hand of the customers.

Remix OS is what ChromeOS should have been

ChromeOS is not a bad operating system by any measure, but it’s also not what you would expect. When you first try ChromeOS, you feel like something put together from parts just as an excuse to give users something with Chrome in the name. It’s got better over the years, but it’s still not the best experience.

On the other hand, projects like Remix OS or Android-X86 are much closer to what a user imagines as Android on a desktop.

“By revitalizing your seasoned hardware with Remix OS for PC, breathe new life into it with over 1.6 million Android apps. Whether it’s for work at school or in the office, watching a TV show or playing your favorite games, Android’s rich app ecosystem always has something for exactly what you need and want to do,” reads the official website.

Since Remix Mini is not a powerful device, users should expect Remix OS to run on pretty much anything. It’s using Android Lollypop as a base and developers say that it’s going to launch on January 12.

Via Softpedia

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