Linux News Today: Rhythmbox 3.3.1 Music Player Released to Better Handle Locked Android Devices

The development team behind the popular, open-source Rhythmbox free music player have just announced this past weekend the general availability for download of the Rhythmbox 3.3.1 release.

As usual, we’ve managed to get our hands on the internal changelog (attached at the end of the article) to tell you everything about the changes implemented. Therefore, Rhythmbox 3.3.1 offers better handling of locked Android devices and simplifies the ReplayGain processing, which should no longer crash so often.

Moreover, starting with this release, the software switches to the WebKit2 API (Application Programming Interface), with the exception of the context plugin, which has been disabled in Rhythmbox 3.3.1, and improves the notifications about the currently playing song to be displayed when pausing the app.

Among the bug fixes, we can notice that the logic of Python support option has been reworked, Rhythmbox should no longer segfault when it attempts to access an Android device running Android 4.0 or later via the MTP protocol if it was already mounted by the Nautilus file manager.

Last but not least, a crash that occurred when attempting to play an Audio-CD with cross fading has been fixed, multiple language translations were updated, and a couple of other small issues were resolved. You can download the Rhythmbox 3.3.1 sources right now from our website, or update it in your GNU/Linux distribution through the official channels.

Via Softpedia

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