Linux News Today: ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 Out Now, Switches to Korora's Material Design Theme

The Russian developers behind the ROSA project have had the great pleasure of announcing the release of the ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 GNU/Linux operating system.

According to the release notes, ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 comes with a large collection of open-source applications and games, Valve’s Steam gaming distribution platform, various emulators, a standard suite of video and audio tools, along with out-of-the-box multimedia support, as well as the latest Skype VoIP client.

The most visible thing users will see in the new ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 operating system is the Material Design desktop and icon themes, which are EvoPop Dark and EvoPop, respectively. The GNOME Shell also got a new look based on the Korora default theme, which replaces the old ROSA Elementary standard theme.

“The ROSA company gladly presents ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 – a distribution from the ROSA Desktop Fresh family with GNOME 3 desktop environment,” reads the official announcement. “ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 is based on the rosa2014.1 platform which includes two years support (till the autumn of 2016).”

GNOME 3.16 is the default desktop environment

Unfortunately, the ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 release ships with an old version of the GNOME desktop environment, GNOME 3.16, but we expect to see updated GNOME 3.18 packages in the software repositories in the coming weeks. The desktop has been tweaked, however, to offer user-friendly notifications and a system tray area.

Among other interesting things implemented in ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7, we can mention the LibreOffice 4.4.7 office suite with new gray icons, FFmpeg 2.8.5, Chromium 48.0, Mozilla Firefox 44.0.2, PulseAudio 7.1, GStreamer 1.6.3, NVidia 352.63, 340.96, 304.131, and 358.16, AMD Catalyst 15.9, Mesa 11.0.6, and X.Org Server 1.17.4.

Under the hood, the operating system is now powered by Linux kernel 4.1.16 LTS (Long Term Support), but users can install more recent versions from the Linux 4.2 and Linux 4.3 kernel series from the default repositories. Download ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 Live ISO images for 64-bit and 32-bit architectures right now from Softpedia.

Material Design theme

Material Design theme

Via Softpedia

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