Linux News Today: Sabayon ARM 16.06 Linux Gets Kodi-Based Media Center Edition for Raspberry Pi 3

Today, May 29, 2016, Sabayon ARM developer Ettore Di Giacinto announced the release of Sabayon ARM 16.06 Media Center Edition for Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2 SBCs.

We were expecting to see today the release of Sabayon 16.06 for computers, which is the monthly update to the Gentoo-based GNU/Linux operating system for July 2016, because the Sabayon people are always announcing a new monthly release on the 29th of each month, but this time, things were a bit different.

Sabayon ARM 16.06 Media Center Edition for Raspberry Pi 3 and 2 single-board computers was announced instead, coming one month after the initial release of the Sabayon ARM port, including an optimized Kodi Media Center software, Linux kernel 4.4, the rpi-update tool, and the latest security patches and software updates from the upstream Gentoo Linux software repositories.

The Sabayon ARM 16.06 Media Center Edition has been engineered to work out-of-the-box, automatically perform system upgrades on your behalf, as well as to allow you to control the Kodi Media Center software with the remote of your modern TV set. Additionally, the new image will automatically connect to your network, so you can access it via SSH (Secure Shell) using the sabayon/sabayon username/password credentials.

Sabayon ARM 16.06 Base Edition updated to the latest Linux 4.4 kernel

In celebration of today’s Sabayon ARM 16.06 Media Center Edition release, the Sabayon ARM team has also updated the Sabayon ARM 16.06 Base Edition image with the latest stable release of the Linux 4.4 kernel, and the rpi-update utility that lets users easily update the firmware of their Raspberry Pi single-board computer. Lastly, the latest packages from the repositories have been added as well.

There are currently around 2000 packages available in the ARMhfp software repository for Sabayon ARM, including a special Docker build optimized for ARM boards, the GNOME, Xfce, and LXDE desktop environments, the ROS robotics framework, the LAMP stack, as well as Cacti complete network graphing solution. Download Sabayon ARM 16.06 Media Center and Base editions now and check out the installation instructions from our initial report.

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