Linux News Today: Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third Games Now Available on Steam for Linux

We have some great news today for Linux gamers, as developer Volition just announced the availability of the Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third titles for the Linux and SteamOS platforms.

As you probably are aware already, the Linux port of Saints Row IV, the latest installment in Volition’s open-world franchise, was officially announced last Christmas, so it was the right move for the developers to bring the rest of the series to the Linux gaming community.

Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third are the second and third installments of the action-adventure video game developed by Volition and published by THQ, not Deep Silver, which was the publisher of the fourth installment. The first one, Saints Row, was never published for PCs, but only for Xbox 360.

“Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third have now joined the rest of the Saints Row PC games on Linux and Steam OS,” reads today’s announcement. “Already own the games? Thanks to Steam Play, having either game in your library means you can now play it on any supported OS — Windows, Linux, or Steam OS.”

So there you have it, the entire Saints Row franchise is now supported on the Linux platforms, including Valve’s SteamOS gaming operating system, which has just been rebased on the Debian GNU/Linux 8.4 “Jessie” release. If you own the games, you don’t have to do anything, just install them on your Linux box and enjoy.

Saints Row Franchise now up to 66% off

To celebrate the launch of the entire Saints Row franchise for Linux and SteamOS, developer Volition has a weekend sale with up to 66% off for all titles, including Saints Row: Gat out of Hell and numerous DLCs. Please hurry because the offer ends on Monday, April 18, at 10AM Pacific Time (PT), 5PM GMT.

Unfortunately, the German version of the Saints Row 2 title is currently available for Steam on Linux, due to some problems with the original source code of the game. For now, it remains available only for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and we’ll update the article as soon as its status has been updated with Linux support.

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