Linux News Today: Salix Linux 14.2 Xfce Edition Up to RC State, Final Release Coming in Two Weeks

Salix OS developer George Vlahavas was happy to announce on August 10, 2016, the release and immediate availability for download and public testing of the first and most probably the last RC version of the upcoming Salix 14.2 Xfce Edition operating system.

The Salix 14.2 Xfce Edition Release Candidate 1 is here two months after the debut of the Beta development milestone, and it promises to gather all the nifty features that’ll be present in the final, production-ready version of the GNU/Linux distribution, which should hit the streets sometime at the end of the month.

Prominent new features include two in-house built tools, namely GUEFI, a graphical boot manager for 64-bit UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) systems, which users can use to edit, remove, or create new UEFI boot entries, and GTKRepoSetup, a graphical user interface (GUI) for the reposetup command-line tool.

GTKRepoSetup can be used for switching between software repository mirrors, without the need to open the terminal and type various annoying commands. Back to the GUEFI tool, the Salix OS developer believes that his distro is the only one to offer this feature, stating, “I don’t think there is any other distribution out there with anything similar.”

Fully localized installer, updated components

Among other cool new features introduced in Salix 14.2 Xfce Edition Release Candidate 1, we can mention a fully localized installer, which is now translated into multiple languages, including but not limited to English US, British English, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Swedish.

It also looks like incomplete translations were removed from the RC build, and they will make a comeback in the final release only if they’re completed. Talking about removed things, George Vlahavas purged the autoinstall option from the installer because he realized nobody was using it, and it wasn’t functional in the Beta milestone.

Additionally, the lilosetup utility for setting up the LILO bootloader was removed from the ISO image. And lastly, many of the packages included in the distro were updated to their most recent versions. Download Salix 14.2 Xfce Edition Release Candidate 1 right now via our website and take it for a test drive to report bugs.

Via Softpedia

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