Linux News Today: Second Mesa 12.0.0 3D Graphics Library Release Candidate Adds 59 Improvements

Coming one week after the launch of the first RC build, the second Mesa 12.0.0 3D Graphics Library Release Candidate snapshot is now ready for public testing, as announced today, June 7, 2016, by Collabora’s Emil Velikov.

Mesa 3D Graphics Library 12.0.0 RC2 is here to add a total of 60 bug fixes and improvements for various display drivers, including Intel i965, which received new nir channel_num system value, a nir-based thread ID uniform and intrinsic lowering, as well as support for cross-thread constants and a new local ID push constant.

However, taking a quick look at the changelog, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, it looks like the star of this second Release Candidate (RC) build is the Intel i965 video driver, but there are also small improvements to the Radeon and RadeonSI drivers, as well as a couple of fixes for the Nouveau driver.

Mesa 3D 12.0.0 Release Candidate 3 coming next week

The development cycle of the major Mesa 3D Graphics Library 12.0.0 has just begun, and, according to the initial release plan, it will get a Release Candidate (RC) build every week, until the third or fourth week of June. But it looks like today’s RC2 milestone was already delayed, so the RC3 one should be available next week.

Sometime in mid-June, the Mesa developers will decide if there’s a need for a fourth RC build to be released or not, and if not, they will push the final release of Mesa 3D Graphics Library 12.0.0 to the stable channel for GNU/Linux distribution maintainers to grab and distribute on their repositories.

Until then, you can join the RC testing bandwagon and download the Mesa 3D Graphics Library 12.0.0 Release Candidate 2 sources right now via our website. As usual, when testing an RC snapshot, please try to keep in mind that it’s a pre-release version, not suitable for production use.

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