Linux News Today: Shotwell's New Devs Are Doing a Terrific Job, Facebook Integration Works Again

Shotwell developer Jens Georg has announced earlier, May 23, 2016, the general availability of the first point release in the Shotwell 0.23.x stable series of the popular open-source image viewer and organizer software.

Shotwell is being used by default in numerous GNU/Linux operating systems, including the popular Ubuntu, but it was abandoned by its developers from the Yorba Foundation a while ago and then received no attention.

At the end of April 2016, a group of open source developers decided to take over the maintenance of Shotwell from where Yorba left off, and we already reported on the release of the major Shotwell 0.23.0 version.

And now, Shotwell 0.23.1 comes as the first point release in the series, bringing even more improvements and much-needed fixes. For example, the new maintainers managed to update the Facebook application ID, thus re-enabling the Facebook integration.

UI polishing, bug fixing

Shotwell 0.23.1 is the first version that no longer refers to the Yorba Foundation, as the new devs have finally transferred the project’s copyright from Yorba to SFC, as well as renamed the “Yorba website” to “Shotwell website” in the About dialog.

The changelog for Shotwell 0.23.1 includes details about thirteen other bug fixes and improvements, most of which are relevant only for skilled developers, and it also offers information about the updated translations.

We couldn’t find any GNU/Linux distribution that includes the just released Shotwell 0.23.1 update, at least not at the moment of writing this article, but please update to it as soon as it lands in the main software repositories of your operating system.

Alternatively, you can download the Shotwell 0.23.1 sources right now via our website and compile the software yourself for your GNU/Linux OS and respective hardware architecture.

Via Softpedia

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