Linux News Today: SMPlayer 16.1.0 Free Video Player Adds Better Support for VEVO Videos on YouTube

SMPlayer, a free, open-source and cross-platform multimedia player software for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, has been updated this weekend to version 16.1.0.

SMPlayer 16.1.0 is here to replace the previous release of the software, version 15.11, and it is also the first build in 2016. SMPlayer remains one of the top rated video players on GNU/Linux systems, as most users find it full-featured and comfortable for their video playback needs, even better than VLC Media Player.

As its name suggests, SMPlayer is based on the open-source and acclaimed MPlayer video player, on which another great multimedia playback application is based, MPV. SMPlayer 16.1.0 is a small release that addresses an issue with the playback of VEVO video on the YouTube video hosting website.

Moreover, the new version backports the built-in screenshot utility of the software to older versions of the MPlayer and MPV apps, and introduces the ability to add bookmarks via the Browse menu, thus allowing users to make their favorite parts of a video, which they can quickly access at a later time.

There’s another new functionality implemented in SMPlayer 16.1.0, called “Prevent window to get outside of screen.” It can be activated from the Interface section of the Preferences window. Download SMPlayer 16.1.0 for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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