Linux News Today: Solus 1.1 to Land Really Soon, Users Needed to Test AMD GPU Drivers

The Solus operating system is now available in a stable form, and its developers are preparing to release the first point release.

Since Solus is going to be supported for the next couple of years, the developers need to work on the problems that have been reported by the community. They have already promised that they will squash all the bugs in a little over a month, but they are also preparing for the first point release.

Fixing bugs is not a glorious activity, but it’s something that needs to be done. Solus is a new operating system, so it has its share of problems, some more difficult to correct than others. For example, getting it to cooperate with the AMD drivers is on that list, and developers are now asking users to help with the testing.

Solus 1.1 is coming soon

The launch of Solus 1.1 is not tied to the bug hunt that’s going on right now in the project, and that means that we’ll have the first point release soon, with the fixes that have been taken care of until now.

“Alongside our crunch and focus for 1.1, we’ve also been continuing our campaign of bug crushing. We’ve crushed 22 bugs over the last week, ranging from long sitting bugs that have been resolved since the Budgie rewrite to recent ones that are related to inclusion of git-based patches for new software in the repo,” developers write in their regular weekly address.

They also mention all the bugs that have been repaired and all the packages that have also been updated. We couldn’t help but notice that the Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 4.4.0 LTS, which is really good news.

The Solus team has also added a number of new packages like Rygel, wxPython, Cutegram, Dia, and a few others. We’ll make sure to take Solus 1.1 for a test drive when it’s made available, hopefully, later today or tomorrow.

Via Softpedia

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