Linux News Today: Solus' Budgie Desktop Gets Updated and Ready for Fedora and OpenSUSE

The Solus team is busy working on improving their recently released operating system, but they are also working on the Budgie desktop, and they’ve just launched a new update for it.

Solus is having great success, but the main reason for that success is the Budgie desktop, which has been developed from scratch, just like the operating system itself. In fact, Budgie has been stable long before the OS, and it’s already adopted in a couple of other distros.

Budgie is considered stable, but that doesn’t mean that it’s complete. New features are added all the time, and the developers have been quick to add them to Solus. In fact, they have already underlined what’s going to be added in the coming months and the team will have a lot of work ahead of them.

What’s new in Budgie 10.2.2?

The latest version of Budgie feels like a minor maintenance update, and that’s pretty obvious from the version number.

According to the changelog, many linking/portability issues on other distributions have been fixed, an nm-applet-likes-small-holes bug (size of x11 tray icons) has been repaired, and a background corruption on resume that occurred with NVIDIA GPUs has been fixed.

Also, the use of colors for backgrounds is now working as it should, the polkit-gnome dependency has been replaced with the own new budgie-polkit, much of the codebase has been refactored into smaller libraries, a transparency problem with Gedit has been fixed, and a number of other bug have been repaired.

The developers are providing the source packages, but the new desktop is already available in Solus repos. Even better news is that the latest version of Budgie is also available for Fedora and OpenSUSE. It’s very likely that Manjaro will also receive it soon.

In the meantime, you can download Solus 1.0 from Softpedia and give it a spin. Don’t forget to upgrade in order to get the latest packages.

Via Softpedia

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