Linux News Today: Solus Devs Promise to Fix All Bugs in 4 Weeks, Solus 2.0 to Split OS from Regular Apps

The Solus 1.0 operating system seems to have had a pretty good start, but developers have some really interesting plans for the 2.0 branch.

One of the biggest problems, with any Linux distribution, is the number of problems at any given time. There are no perfect OSes, and they all have known issues. It might be something hardware related, or it may be something related directly to the Linux distro, but there is always something. In fact, most projects also list the known issues, not just features and changes.

When it launched, Solus got its fair share of issues, and a couple of them were actually quite annoying. These problems are getting fixed, but it will take some time. Luckily, the developers have also listed the schedule, and they seem to have a good idea of what’s coming.

Solus 2.0 will get some attention soon

The Solus developers have explained that once they fix all the bugs that are now present in the tracker, they will also start working on the upcoming 2.0 release. Fixing all the bugs might seem like a bold thing to say, but this is something they want to do. Whether it will be possible or not remains to be seen.

“Every bug that exists in our tracker as of today, will be resolved in the next 4 weeks. Once those 4 weeks are up, and obviously there’s an ISO in between that too, we’re going to begin work on Solus 2.0. Now obviously, we’re going to continue to improve 1.0, make no doubt about that (And we’re deliberately keeping the old X.Org to allow for AMD drivers, which are coming this week) – but we’re going to start it all very very soon,” wrote Ikey Doherty, the leader for the project.

As if fixing all the bugs was not a high enough goal, the Solus devs have also outlined some of the features that are going to land in the 2.0 branch. For example, Solus 2.0 will be completely stateless (more details on what this means can be found in the Clear Linux Project for Intel Architecture).

Also, the binary repository will be split into layers, allowing separate domains of ownership, meaning that it will be a Core repository and different profiles for the rest.

These are just a couple of the biggest changes coming to Solus 2.0, for more details, please make sure that you check Ikey’s lengthy post on Google+.

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