Linux News Today: Solus Installer Is Getting Better Before Version 1.1 of the OS Is Out

The Solus operating system is getting closer to the 1.1 release and developers are now fixing the installer, among other things.

Solus is at the moment going through a bug-fixing stage, and the developers are making sure that they will fix as many bugs as possible before the first point release hits the streets. The stable version of Solus has been around for more than a month, so it’s only natural for the developers to start looking towards better support.

Fortunately for Solus users, the team has already announced that the system will be supported for the next couple of years and that it will receive found point upgrades. The first one is already on its way, and it looks like developers are putting the final touches.

Solus installer is getting better

One of the hot items for Solus was the installer. The team knows that it’s not up to par and that it could be better, so the 1.1 release should be much more interesting. Also, the Software Center should also be getting a lot better with the re-introduction of PackageKit and PackageKit.

“Os-installer is getting a long overdue [upgrade]. It’s been ported to Python 3, and we’re doing a massive clean up to remove all pep errors. It’s the main thing “holding back” 1.1 right now, but it’s an important component, so please bear with. The other is the re-integration of PackageKit into Solus, along with AppStream, to vastly improve the software center,” the team wrote on Google+.

The team promised to fix all the bugs that have been reported by the users until the middle of February, and it looks like they are right on track. After that task is over, they will start to work on Solus 2.0, which is expected to arrive sometime in December.

You can download Solus 1.0 from Softpedia and give it a spin. Don’t forget to upgrade to get the latest packages.

Via Softpedia

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