Linux News Today: Sonar GNU/Linux OS for People with Impairments Gets Its First Release in 2016

The Sonar GNU/Linux team was proud to announce the release and immediate availability for download of the first release of the open-source operating system in 2016.

We’ve introduced you guys to the Sonar OS back in 2014, but no other news have been published on Softpedia about the accessible GNU/Linux distribution targeted at people with impairments and focused on assistive technology, despite the fact that it received a couple of updates last year.

Based on the current stable Manjaro Linux operating system, the Sonar GNU/Linux 2016.03 release, however, is finally here, the first one in 2016. It comes after three months of hard work, and it promises to bring the latest software packages and GNU/Linux technologies to those who need them in their daily computing lives.

“This release is the result of three months of hard work by us and the Manjaro developers team, and we’re proud of it,” reads the announcement. “The Sonar team wishes to personally thank Philip Müller and Bernhard Landauer from the Manjaro project, for their tireless dedication and their help in getting packages into the repositories our users have requested.”

Besides all the upstream Manjaro technologies, Sonar GNU/Linux 2016.03 includes a bunch of new software packages, among which we can mention Soundconverter, Transmageddon, Veracrypt, Ocrdesktop, and Corebird. You can download Sonar GNU/Linux 2016.03 GNOME and Sonar GNU/Linux 2016.03 MATE editions right now via Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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