Linux News Today: SparkyLinux's Backup System Tool Gets Support for More Desktop Environments

The SparkyLinux development team is pleased to announce the release of Sparky Backup System 20160808, their in-house built backup tool containing various commands to help you back up your entire system more easily and quickly.

The Sparky Backup System project consists of the “sparky-backup-core” and “sparky-backup-sys” commands, which have been updated with improved copying support for all installed desktop environments and window managers, as well as support for more desktops and other graphical interfaces.

The copying script has been improved mostly to avoid various output errors that occurred during the copy process, so everything should function as described now. Another important change is the removal of the “backup” option from both the “sparkybackup” script and its graphical user interface, namely “sparkybackup-gui.”

“The GUI uses ‘ISO’ option to create a backup iso image now; the command line works with ‘sparkybackup dist’ command as before; the ‘backup’ option user name made conflict with a new ‘live’ user name generated via the live scripts and used by both ‘Live-Installer’ and ‘Sparky Advanced Installer,'” explains the SparkyLinux devs.

Here’s how to update your system to Sparky Backup System 20160808

SparkyLinux users can update their systems to the Sparky Backup System 20160808 release right now by using the commands listed below, which can also be used by those who haven’t installed the Sparky Backup System tool yet. The new release was successfully tested with both Debian Stable and Testing installations.

However, it looks like if you’re installing Sparky Backup System 20160808 on a Debian GNU/Linux 8 “Jessie” (stable) system, you might need to install or downgrade the “live-installer” package version 20151009, as well as the yad 0.26 utility, which will be used to display the GUI of Sparky Advanced Installer and Sparky Backup System.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-backup-sys

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