Linux News Today: Steam Beta Client Brings XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Grid Autosport Fixes

Valve has released a new update for the Steam beta client and it comes with a couple of fixes for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and GRID Autosport.

Valve is once more working fervently to push fixes and new features into the Steam client and the recent developments with Vulkan are already reflected in their application. The previous release had quite a few interesting things in the changelog, but the recent one isn’t all that glamorous.

The developers of the Steam client usually push quite a few Beta updates before they decide to release a stable iteration. This is early in the cycle and we’re likely to see more of these Beta versions arriving in the coming weeks.

A new update, a new day

Sometimes Valve releases a new update for Steam almost on a daily basis, but that usually only happens at the start of the development cycle. Since this is where we are right now, it’s understandable why there are so many of them.

According to the changelog, an SDL regression where XCOM: Enemy Unknown and GRID Autosport couldn’t start properly has been fixed, the Vulkan loader manifest search paths are now properly including /usr/share/vulkan, and a client crash that occurred when a controller disconnects while using the desktop configurator has been repaired.

Also, the loss of input in the Big Picture web browser when closing a tab has been fixed, the improper cursor positioning in Touch Menus with non-default scales has been corrected, a client crash that happened when loading certain configurations has been fixed, and the Steam Home button is no longer hiding web pages while in full-screen mode.

As usual, if you are interested in getting these fixes right now, you’re going to have to subscribe to the Beta branch of the client, upgrade and restart. It’s not a big update, so it shouldn’t take very long. Please keep in mind that it’s a Beta version and you might encounter issues.

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