Linux News Today: Tails 2.2 Anonymous Live CD Out Now, Adds Onion Circuits and Tor Browser 5.5.3

The open-source Tails amnesic incognito live system reached a new milestone on March 8, 2016, stable version 2.2, which adds several new features and improvements, along with security patches and software updates.

The final Tails 2.2 release is not so much different from the RC (Release Candidate) build, and if you’re reading our website on a daily basis, you should know already what new features and changes it brings.

However, for those that are not in the loop, we would like to inform them that new features in Tails 2.2 include support for viewing DRM-protected DVD-Video discs, as well as Onion Circuits for displaying a list of the current Tor circuits and connections.

Of course, Onion Circuits replaces the unmaintained Vidalia cross-platform GUI for controlling the Tor anonymity network, and there’s also a new system status icon to inform users if Tails is connected to Tor or not (see the attached screenshot for details).

New Tor Browser and I2P versions, bugfixes

Tails 2.2 ships today with the Firefox-based Tor Browser 5.5.3 anonymous web browser, the I2P 0.9.24 anonymous network, and support for automatically saving KeePassX password manager’s database after every change, preventing data loss during shutdowns.

Moreover, the Left Shift+Right Shift and Alt+Shift keyboard shortcuts have been disabled in this release, and Tails users are urged to use the Meta+Space keybinding if they want to switch to a new keyboard layout. The optional PGP key feature of WhisperBack has been fixed in Tails 2.2, along with saving of reports while offline.

Last but not least, Git has been implemented for the verification of the integrity of transferred objects. All Tails users are urged to update to Tails 2.2, which is distributed as a Live ISO image, as soon as possible. However, please be aware of the known issues published by the devs on the official announcement.

Via Softpedia

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