Linux News Today: The Talos Principle Is the First Game Ready for Vulkan

The Talos Principle amazing puzzle game from Croteam prides itself with being the first game that can showcase the new Vulkan 1.0 in action although many more are set to follow.

In per the folks at Croteam’s words, Vulkan is a portable low-level graphics API that is built to work across many GPU vendors and operating systems like Linux, Windows, and Android. This makes it better, in many ways, than the current APIs like DirectX and OpenGL.

Croteam is a studio filled with talented people that have always pushed the boundaries. The gaming engines they have made are a marvel, and they released Serious Sam 3 for Linux, making that the first triple A game on Steam for Linux. They don’t wait for the challenges to come to them, and they do their best to be at the forefront.

The Talos Principle is Vulkan-ready now

The developers of The Talos Principle were the first to announce support for Vulkan, and it looks like they have been working for some time on it. From what they have shared with the community until now, programming for Vulkan is a little bit more difficult, and, in time, it will be more rewarding from a performance point of view.

Users will want to know if something is going to be different in The Talos Principle, but that’s not the case. In fact, the performance is probably going to be worse, but that’s to be expected since Vulkan is very early in development and it’s not optimized just yet.

“So, we can expect new super-duper graphics effects and more explosions? No, this is graphics _programming_ interface, not effects designer. The Talos Principle will look exactly the same as on other gfx APIs (Direct3D 9 and 11, and OpenGL). At least it should. Otherwise, it’s a bug! Except if it looks better you, then we’ll just call it a feature,” the people over at Croteam explained in a comprehensive Q&A.

Players will have to join the public beta in order to get the latest version of the game that supports Vulkan. Also, people need to install the latest Vulkan-compatible drivers from AMD, Nvidia, and Intel.

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