Linux News Today: Trinity Desktop Environment Is Now Available to Install for SparkyLinux Users

The SparkyLinux devs have just announced today, May 10, 2016, the availability of the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) graphical desktop interface for the latest SparkyLinux operating system.

The SparkyLinux 4.3 operating system was announced at the end of April with the KDE, MATE, Xfce, LXDE, and LXQt flavors, and last week with the GameOver, Multimedia, and Rescue editions. Please click the aforementioned link to get a glimpse of the new features implemented in this major release of SparkyLinux.

An official flavor of SparkyLinux with the Trinity Desktop Environment, an open-source project that tries to keep the spirit of the KDE 3.5 desktop environment alive, is not yet available, but users can now install the latest TDE version.

“The Trinity Desktop Environment is available to install for Sparky users now,” said the SparkyLinux developers in today’s announcement. “The Trinity desktop can be installed via 2 different ways.”

Here’s how to install the Trinty Desktop Environment on SparkyLinux

SparkyLinux 4.3 users can now install the Trinty Desktop Environment (TDE) graphical interface using two methods. The first one involves upgrading their installations to the sparky-aptus 0.3.x, sparky-desktop 20160509-1, and sparky-desktop-data 20160509 packages by running the following commands.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-aptus sparky-desktop sparky-desktop-data

Then, you’ll need to run the built-in APTus utility from the Applications Menu and choose the “Trinity” entry under the “Desktop” tab. The second method is intended for fresh installations, and involves downloading the latest Sparky MinimalGUI or MinimalCLI 4.3 ISO images and running the commands listed below. Follow the insttructins above to enable Trinity.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sparky-backup-core sparky-desktop-data
sudo sparkylinux-installer

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