Linux News Today: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Arch Linux and Slackware Now Testing Linux Kernel 4.4 LTS

If you’re reading the news lately, you probably know by now that Linux kernel 4.4 has been officially released and that it’s the new long-term support (LTS) branch of the Linux kernel, and also the latest stable and most advanced kernel.

Being an LTS release and all that, most OS vendors would want to implement it in their Linux kernel-based operating systems as soon as possible, but it most certainly not the easiest of tasks, as they need to run an enormous number of tests to see if the new kernel packages do not break anything in user’s computer.

A few pioneer distributions have already started to test Linux kernel 4.4 LTS on their testing/unstable repositories, and will soon release them to the stable repos for the rest of the world. This is the case of Ubuntu, Arch Linux and Slackware, all of which have announced plans to add the new kernel in their upcoming OSes.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is still based on Linux kernel 4.3, and so is Arch Linux

At the moment of writing this article, we’ve checked both our Arch Linux and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) installations and we can confirm that they remain based on the Linux kernel 4.3 branches, version 4.3.3 to be more precise and that the upcoming Linux kernel 4.4 LTS resides in the unstable repos where the devs do all the testing.

As for Slackware, we reported a few days ago that its development team released for testing the first Beta build of the upcoming 14.2 version, which integrates Linux kernel 4.4 LTS. Of course, other distros will follow soon, and it is the right thing to do because Linux 4.4 is a long-term supported kernel with the most advanced GNU/Linux technologies.

When will Linux kernel 4.4 LTS be released to the stable repositories for the aforementioned operating systems we don’t know. The Ubuntu Kernel Team announced that they will add the new kernel version to the stable channels shortly, but looking at their release schedule, it might take a couple of weeks. Rest assure that we will inform you here if that will happen.

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