Linux News Today: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Wallpapers Revealed for Desktop and Phone

The new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS wallpaper has been revealed, and it looks like it’s a small evolution over the previous iteration.

There was a time when the default wallpaper for new Ubuntu releases was much more exciting, but that is no longer the case. On the other hand, the new wallpapers are getting more complex, and they are usually the product of someone from the design team.

The new Suru design was introduced with the previous Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and since then it has been refined. Even if the differences between one generation and another don’t seem too big, they are there, if you take a close look at both of the designs at the same time.

New wallpaper for the phone

It’s nice to see that among the revealed wallpapers, we can also spot a new one for the phone, which has a vertical alignment. It will be interesting to see how they are going to pick the rest of the wallpapers, now that they have dropped the regular process.

Picking out the wallpapers for a new Ubuntu release used to be a community endeavor, but this method has been dropped since there wasn’t much interest in it anyway. Since it’s easy to change the wallpaper, the default choice of background images is no longer all that important.

The new Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) is expected to land in April, and it’s already heralded as one of the best releases made in a long time. A large number of features have been implemented already, not to mention the fact that this is most likely the last version of the OS that ships Unity 7 as the default flavor.

You can download the latest daily build for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from Softpedia and give it a spin. Please keep in mind that it’s not a stable release, and it shouldn’t be used on production machines.

Here is the wallpaper for Ubuntu 15.10


Here is the wallpaper for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


Via Softpedia

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