Linux News Today: Ubuntu Budgie 16.10 Now In Development, Brings New Boot Splash, Welcome Screen

Budgie-Remix (soon to become Ubuntu Budgie) developer David Mohammed today informs Softpedia about the availability of the project’s first ever newsletter for the community.

The newsletter is called Budgie-Remix Roundup, and the first installation is now live on the project’s website, informing users about the latest innovations implemented in the operating system, whose main design goal is to give users an officially recognized Ubuntu flavor built around the Budgie desktop from the Solus Project.

From the newsletter, it looks like there are a few interesting things that are coming to Budgie-Remix very soon, targeting both stable, Budgie-Remix 16.04, and the now in development Budgie-Remix 16.10 release, such as a new boot splash screen for Plymouth, which you can view attached at the end of the article.

“As part of improving our visual branding, look and feel, HEXcube has published a proposal to replace our current Plymouth screen,” reads the newsletter. “The splash screen seen during bootup is an element that can influence the first impression of new users.”

New Welcome Screen, Budgie desktop applets

Furthermore, a Welcome to Budgie-Remix/Ubuntu Budgie app will be available soon for the upcoming Budgie-Remix 16.04.1 release, as well as in the final Budgie-Remix 16.10 release, which the team hopes to rename to Ubuntu Budgie if the distribution will be accepted as an official flavor, as Mark Shuttleworth himself said he will endorse.

Lastly, the freeze issue that users reported during the encryption of their Home folder, along with a crash of the Ubiquity installer when using some non-English locales have been resolved, and the Budgie-Remix team also managed to create the first applet for the Budgie desktop environment, written in Python, which should serve as an example for others to build more, interesting applets.

New boot splash screen

New boot splash screen

New Welcome app

New Welcome app

Via Softpedia

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