Linux News Today: Ubuntu Developers and Package Maintainers Prepare for GNOME Software Landing

Ubuntu developers are trying to prepare the maintainers of the packages in the official repositories for the switch to GNOME Software.

One of the biggest changes that are being prepared for the upcoming Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the replacement of the Ubuntu Software Center with GNOME Software. These are very different applications, but they both do the same thing, and that is to provide users with a clear and easy-to-use interface for the apps and packages in the repositories.

Even if GNOME Software is newer and faster than Ubuntu Software Center, it still lacks some of the functionality. Ubuntu devs must make some important changes if they want to give users the same options, like rating an app or leaving a review.

Third-party maintainers and devs are needed

It’s not enough for the Ubuntu devs to make changes to the application, the packages must adapt as well.

“In order to make software show up in the new software center and to fix quirks in the displayed applications, it may be required to make packaging adjustments. We need developers to help out with this. Currently, there are many packages with errors which cause the AppStream generator to not include them. We want to get as many packages as possible fixed before 16.04 releases, in order to provide a quality experience,” Canonical’s Iain Lane explained.

AppStream is a cross-distro XML format that provides metadata for software components, and there is a website that tracks the progress of modified packages.

The GNOME Software in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will retain many of the features of Ubuntu Software Center, including the existing reviews, comments and ratings. Keeping all of that is a tall order for the devs, but it must be done since the launch date for the OS is approaching rapidly.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is scheduled to be launched on April 21.

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