Linux News Today: Ubuntu Devs Might Skip the OTA-9.5 Hotfix in Favor of a Massive OTA-10 Update

We have just been informed by Łukasz Zemczak of Canonical about the latest things happening in preparation for the upcoming OTA updates for Ubuntu Phone devices.

According to Mr. Zemczak, Canonical’s road towards convergence continues, as does the preparatory work for the promised OTA-9.5 hotfix, which was supposed to patch a nasty regression in the Mir display server and compositor that could have render users’ devices unstable during incoming calls, not to mention the many convergences updates.

Long story short, Ubuntu Phone users might be a bit disappointed today to hear that the Ubuntu Touch development team is considering skipping the OTA-9.5 hotfix after previously delaying it for a week. “Why?” you may ask. Well, because they’ve gathered so many changes that now the whole thing doesn’t look like a quick and dirty hotfix patch.

“Our road towards convergence continues! So far OTA-9.5 preparation is still in progress but, because we’re slowly seeing that the list of new required changes is getting bigger and bigger, we’re starting to consider skipping this update in favor of OTA-10 – as 9.5 no longer really seems like a ‘hotfix’ release anymore,” said Łukasz Zemczak, Ubuntu Foundations.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 coming March 3, 2016

While right now this looks like an option and no definitive decision has been made, we have a feeling that the OTA-9.5 will be trashed, and all the work done will be moved to the OTA-10 label, which was initially planned for release on March 3, 2016. However, today being the end of the week and all that, the Ubuntu Touch devs will take a short break and decide things more seriously next week.

We’ve been told not to take this as an official statement from Canonical, so right now you can consider it a rumor if you want, but things sure look like they’re going into that direction, OTA-9.5 being cancelled and OTA-10 released instead. It happened before, so it’s no biggie. In the meantime, the gates remain open for OTA-10 landings, and today the devs have pushed new Mir, compositor, and powerd updates.

Via Softpedia

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