Linux News Today: Ubuntu Devs Need Feedback to Fix Screen Tearing with Full Video in Compiz

A bug that causes tearing on full-screen video playback with Google Chrome and Chromium is causing some problems for Ubuntu developers, and they have asked for feedback from the community.

The bug tracker for Ubuntu is probably one the biggest ones out there, but the team is working on trimming that down. In fact, the Ubuntu desktop lead Will Cooke said that the developers would start to reduce the list of bugs for the 16.04 LTS release to a more manageable size.

That means that a lot of duplicates will be removed, and bugs for older and unsupported Ubuntu systems are also going to be closed. On the other hand, there are still some real problems mentioned by the community that need to be fixed, and some of them are actually important.

Screen tearing on Google Chrome

Screen tearing during full-screen video playback within Google Chrome and Chromium, while running the Compiz window manager is something that has troubled the community for some time. For some strange reason, fullscreen Chromium videos bypass Compiz, and they don’t use V-sync, causing problems with tearing.

“People have been getting tearing on full-screen video playback within Google Chrome and Chromium and Compiz. For example, full-screen YouTube videos or Netflix,” Ubuntu desktop lead Will Cooke wrote on Google+.

He also explained a possible workaround for this problem, and he wants people to test it so that the Ubuntu team can implement the solution for 16.04 LTS.

– Install compizconfig-settings-manager

– Click on the “Composite” button in General (of CCSM)

– Change the Unredirect Match string to:

(any) & !(class=Totem) & !(class=MPlayer) & !(class=mplayer2) & !(class=vlc) & !(class=Firefox) & !(class=chromium-browser) & !(class=google-chrome)

– Launch a full-screen video in Chrom[e|ium] and see if you think there is less tearing that before.

A comprehensive Launchpad entry is also present, if you want to see more details about it or if you want to provide some feedback.

Via Softpedia

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