Linux News Today: Ubuntu Phone Users Can Now View Their Dropbox Camera Uploads via Photos Scope

Canonical announced on May 12, 2016, that they’ve updated the Photos Scope for Ubuntu Phone users with support for viewing camera uploads from their Dropbox accounts.

While a neat feature for some, it looks like the Dropbox file sharing service doesn’t have many fans amongst the users of the Ubuntu community, who would rather see similar support for other open source file sharing services, such as the popular ownCloud. “On the Ubuntu phone you can now see your uploaded camera photos from Dropbox within the Photos Scope,” reads the latest tweet from Ubuntu.

However, the fact of the matter is that Ubuntu Phones are not all that popular these days, mostly because of the Ubuntu mobile OS, which is still playing catch up in the hyper-competitive world of smartphone operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and even Windows Phone.

Major Ubuntu Phone update coming later this month or in early June

While Canonical is trying to offer Ubuntu Phone users various goodies for their new devices, such as the ability to see their photos captured with another device and uploaded to the Dropbox online sharing service from within the Photos Scopes of their devices, they are also working hard on the next major OTA update.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 is currently under heavy development, as we reported the other day, and it looks like it will be a massive update with dozens of new capabilities for all supported Ubuntu Phone smartphones, as well as Canonical’s first ever Ubuntu Tablet device.

One of the most anticipated features to be implemented in the upcoming OTA-11 update, which should hit the streets in the coming weeks, is Aethercast (also known as Miracast or Wi-Fi Display), which promises to let Ubuntu Phone/Tablet users to converge from their couches. Next week, we shall have more details about it, so stay tuned!

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