Linux News Today: Ubuntu Phones Can Be Easily Transformed into Mini PCs, with a Keyboard and Mouse

We’ve seen a lot of people lately bragging with their Ubuntu Phone’s convergence features and how easily is to transform the smartphone into a full-fledged desktop operating system.

But today we’ll show you something different, as Ubuntu app developer Marcos Costales published recently an intriguing screenshot of his Ubuntu Phone device, which he transformed into a mini PC.

You might remember Marcos Costales from the uNav project. He’s the main developer of the first and most acclaimed GPS navigation app for Ubuntu Phone devices.

How did that happen? Well, apparently, if you connect keyboard and mouse peripherals to your Ubuntu Phone via Bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to interact with the windows just like on your desktop PC.

“Just connect a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your Ubuntu Phone and… Yes! You’ll have a real mini PC, very useful for travels or other stuff,” said Marcos Costales. “This is a screenshot from my phone, it’s a normal phone in stable channel, not tricks.”

Apparently, any Ubuntu Phone user can do this right now, though Canonical’s convergence vision is for users to be able to converge from their couch, by connecting their Ubuntu Phones to a TV via a wireless display technology called Miracast.

So, believe it or not, the future is here, and Ubuntu is one of the first Linux kernel-based operating systems to get the latest convergence features. One question remains though: are we ready for convergence?

Via Softpedia

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