Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Could Finally Get Selfie Stick Support in OTA 10

Even if the OTA 9.5 update for Ubuntu Touch is not ready yet, it doesn’t mean that the developers are not already looking forward to OTA 10, and they have a comprehensive list of changes and fixes in place.

This kind of updates are planned well in advance, so it’s not really all that uncommon to have a list of items for problems that are going to be solved in an upgrade that will be out more than a month from now.

For the time being, developers are focusing on the OTA 9.5 upgrade that is supposed to be an intermediary release, although if we take a look at the changelog, we’ll notice that it’s quite big, and it doesn’t deserve that version number. The developers are also looking to fix Unity crash that has been reported by the community, and that seems to be affecting quite a few people.

Selfie stick support might be coming to OTA 10

Selfie sticks are a reality, and no matter how much we try to ignore them, they seem to be here to stay. Having support for selfie sticks is important, and that’s the reason it’s being considered for OTA 10. All other features are probably being put on a backburner just for this.

All joking aside, OTA 10 for Ubuntu Touch will bring fixes for YouTube login, MP4 videos playing, push notifications, Unity 8 crashes, call and messages are not being properly routed through Bluetooth headset, invoking the bottom edge when using mouse and keyboard, calendar sync, missing thumbnails, and much more.

Since users don’t know when the OTA 9.5 is going to arrive, it’s difficult to say whether OTA 10 will land on time, but since there are about six weeks between major releases, it’s quite possible that OTA 10 will land in about three weeks’ time.

Via Softpedia

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